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Blue Mountains fly fishing


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Hi Raiders,

Today, Swordie, Flycaster, Les and I fished Thompson Creek Dam.

Swordie arrived at my place just after 3am for the long and windy road up Bells Line Of Road to Lithgow.

After a quick stop at Maccas we made our way to the dam wall.

I was really looking forward to putting Swordie onto a trout using indicator nymph. Flycaster and I have had some success using this method lately.

The weather started off great for indicator nymphing. We go to our spot with calm conditions and a few rises on the water. Swordie was first to get a line out, choosing to spin celtas, whilst I geared up the fly rod. The rises were sporadic and seeing one within casting distance, I instinctively casted to it. Not long after seeing the fly hit the water, the indicator went down and I was onto a fish. After a short fight a little rainbow surfaced.

Swordie put away his spinning outfit and we geared up his fly rod.

Flycaster and Les arrived at 7am and were keen to get into the action.

2 hours went by and not a touch. By about 9am the weather had deteriorated and it started to blow. Then suddenly my indicator went down. Lifting the rod, I felt the weight of a solid fish. Having felt the hook, the fish made a run for cover, making me chase after it and Flycaster following me with his landing net. After a few intense minutes the fish was safely landed. The buck rainbow trout measured 51cm. A couple of photos and it was returned to fight another day.

post-13314-087109000 1303819183_thumb.jpg

No sooner did I have my line back in the water, when my rod suddenly loaded up without any notice. Peeling line from my hands, the fish turned and ran towards me. I was unable to strip fast enough and the hook pulled. Having felt the weight of the fish, it would have been another good trout.

Flycaster and Les decided to change spots whilst Swordie and I persisted working the current spot. The weather continued to get worst blowing about 30knots. Flycaster and Les returned later to join us for lunch and had picked up one fish.

Swordie later hooked a fish on a celta but dropped it and Flycaster caught a fingerling which he quickly released before I could get the camera out.

At about 1:30pm, Swordie and I decided to call it a day.

post-13314-088022200 1303819194_thumb.jpg

Unfortunately it was just one of those days at Thompson Creek where the trout didn’t come out to play.

Look forward to our next trip Swordie, and hopefully we’ll have better luck.

Regards Caddis

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Thanks Windy.

There will definitely be a round 2 Stewy. My casting arm is already twitching in the car on the way to work. I'll make some fly up this weekend, so just let me know when you want them.

Regards Caddis

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to be humbled :biggrin2:

Thanks Chris for a top day out and showing me the finer points on indicator flyfishing with nymphs.

I was so sceptical at first but after Chris hooked 3 fish I changed my mind set completely.

My casting was ok with the long wand but I have a lot to learn about this type of fishing and will now study hard to get the hang of it.

It was great meeting les and Ross as well,all true gentlemen.

It was a pleasure to fish you Chris and I cant wait for round 2 on my journey.

post-256-040349700 1303841530_thumb.jpg

post-256-042891000 1303841521_thumb.jpg

post-256-066669500 1303841540_thumb.jpg

post-256-029526800 1303841514_thumb.jpg

Regards Stewy

Hi Chris and Stewart

Disappointing day yesterday and thoroughly miserable weather. It was great to meet you Stewart after reading Fishraider posts for so long. I really thought we would get amongst them after a few good sessions lately. It just goes to show that you can never be too confident about the natural world. Stewy gave us a few lessons in how to cast into a howling gale. Double hauling etc, etc (pretty to watch). The fish were just not switched on yesterday, but we will have to give them another try in the next few weeks. Great company and a few laughs.

Kindest regards to all

Ross (Flycaster)


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