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Easter Long Weekend Fishing


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Hey Raiders,

Hope everyone had a great holiday, from the fishing reports it sounds like everyone did!

Quick report:

Friday night - Went to Yowie bay to tackle Bream on HB's and SP's and Squid. Managed a bream of 33cm on a Squidgy Bug i nthe greem colour on a jighead but worked it with a slow but constant retrieve on the surface. Unfortunately no aquid but i spotted a MASSIVE pufferfish, so big it casted a shadow in the water which made me notice it. Would of been 4-5 kg if that thing puffed up it would of been the size of an excercise ball!

post-16847-044422200 1303857303_thumb.jpg

I then headed to Maroubra and managed a small taylor and a massive Yakka on a whole pillie with gangs e.t.c - not worth taking the pic though sent it straight back into the drink, i would of kept fishing were it not for inconsiderate people who stand so close they were within punching distance (i considered it) and kept casting straight over the top of me so i left.

Monday - Headed to Ettalong beach with the missus and stayed at the Mantra, couldnt get any fishing done due to the weather so Tuesday - Fished Munmorah lake at the hot water outlet and managed 4 bream on prawns none on lures and managed a flathead on a squidgy fish in the gary glitter colour, was tiny though so no pic.

Fishing wasnt the best but atleast i got to get out there for a bit and had some much needed time off work.

Back to work now : ( but am hoping on good weather this weekend to hopefully hit the harbour and Long Reef.

Cheers, Stan

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