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JRC Sounder issue


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I have a JRC ff50 that all ofr a sudden refuses to read the bottom. The screen shows 500ft + and the screen is full of noise. I have done a soft reset and checked the transduser all looks OK. I dont want to by a new transduser incase its not that.

Any help or advice would be great



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G'day Brian,

500 feet is no problem for that sounder - they're a good bit of gear. I have one in my boat and it was reading 1800 feet jut last week.

Screen full of noise sounds like you've hit the frequency button and put it on to low frequency, which really only works at very low speeds.

Turning it back to high frequency will tell you if that's the problem.

Or maybe the tab that holds the tranny down has unclicked - check yr tranny to see if it's swinging free.

Or could be the gain is on too high? For mine, I usually have it at about 5 while trolling around the shelf.

Good luck


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