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First report Chipping Norton Lakes

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Well I've read here all the report about the CNL and all the fish caught so I thought the best thing to do was to fish the local lake so on Friday as it took me 15 minutes from home to start the outboard,We started in the middle and drifted a while very slow nothing but the ripple of the water on the boat, I love that sound very peaceful. Nothing happening so time to move to a better spot closer to the island this time some think will bite, but again not to be so now time to try down near the racecourse still again nothing well the tide change slowly we drift with the wind and then My daughter boyfriend Matt did it a 22cm EP first fish from the lake. As we were on a roll we decided or I decided we shall stay a little bit longer as I bragged about all the fish I was going to catch to all my friends, but once again I have caught nothing. After 5 1/2 hours of fishing and really seeing what the lake was like I had a great day as I was so surprises how peaceful it was until the d/heads with the wave ski speed in the 8 knot area and near the ramp. to finish of the day as I was putting the boat back on the trailer another fisherman gave me a 42cm drummer he caught outside as he had too many, so I got Matt to drop the fish and I caught it so I when home and told a little fib to the family and friends about that fish.


P.S. No they still didn't believe me about fish

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Guest Aussie007

all of chipping norton lake is a 8 knot zone its easy to be fooled by the 8 knot signs only being on the islands as it leads u to believe the 8 knot zone is up the channel between the islands and shore they really need to place the yellow 8 knot markers out in the open areas the whole area is 8 knot because i think where the lake is positioned so far for maritime to travel in case a boating accident or something happens it will take maritime a good 30-45mins to reach the lake i see the police boat in the lake more than maritime and as for the fish u need to try the chipping norton side most of the fish gather around the fast moving channel in the homestead park but a lot of people fish in this channel and get the shits with boaters driving past as some fisherman use beach rods that can cast to the other side of the channel so be careful

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