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Hawkesbury river


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Gooday guys,

This is my first fishing report so please take it easy on me.

3 Weeks ago headed out to the hawkesbury river for the weekend aboard a house boat.

Friday night we anchored up just between Dangar island and brooklyn marina.

3 of us fishing off the front of the boat and myself and a mate off the back. we managed to catch a far few legal sized bream ranging from 30-35cm and a couple of smaller size flatheads similar size to the bream (plenty of damn catfish!!!)but just before packing it up for the night, hooked up this thumper bream for my new PB it went 41cm and 1.6KG!

The very next morning at 6am my brother inlaw threw his line out and went back to bed (mind you he slept on the couch 3 metres away from his rod) with an eye on the rod. No longer than 10 mins later everybody is up with the sound of swearing coming out of my brother inlaws mouth. Hes got the little 5' shimano graphite rod with 4 pound braid nearly bent over in half. Surly enough a couple minutes later arrives this monster flatty.

He went 80cm exactly and 3.46KG. Not bad for light tackle he yells out!

Saturdays weather was pretty warm we headed over to refuge bay trolling with some lures along the way. hooked up a small bonito and what appeared to be a massive tailer(60cm+) that got away just as the net cam out.

That night we stayed at refuge bay with not much luck besides a 60cm flatty. we landed a couple of snappers that were barely legal but nothing to brag about.

Over all the hawkesbury was a good expirience (besides those damn catfish) and would definatly do it again but maybe off a smaller boat with more options on where to fish instead of lugging around a 46' house boat.



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