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Hi raiders,

Im looking for sum advice!!!!

Im looking at getting a set of trim tabs for my caribbean reef runner 213, I have it podded with a 200hp optimax on the back, Im not sure on whats the best brand and places to buy them. As well as what sizes would be best..



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Hi Benny, we sell and have fitted all the main brands and I like the Lenco tabs. You will get people who prefer other brands just like with anything and all are good and next week we are fitting Bennett Tabs to a boat because that is want this guy wanted.

PM me if you would like a Raider price on whatever trim tabs you like.



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G,day Benny

I have a Barcusher 640 with 200hp 4 stroke yammy. Got Lenco tabs fitted when I bought the boat 5 years ago, done over 300 hours and never had a issue. I think any boat over 5mtrs going to sea should have them for safety reasons, apart from the better ride.You will never look back, except at your wake.

Good luck.

cheers greg

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