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Soft Plastics

flat out

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I have recently started buying more soft plastics to try and get some Flatties

Has anybody out there got a killer soft plastic for me to try

Flatties will take just about anything u throw at them mate. I very much doubt that 1 lure will clean up on flatties while another wont get touched. If they are there and ur in the strike zone they will engulf ANYTHING u throw at them!


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G'day flat out

Im no expert on plastics but have found you need to just have a wide range of ammunition...some days some colours will work and the next day you will get nothing. I have read in mags and on the net that you should use bright colous in discoloured or dirty water and dull colours in clean water...but this is just not always the case. I believe it depends more on the bait present in the water way (what the fish have been feeding on) it now starts to get very sciency as different colours react differently in water and then i think again in different coloured water. So i think the best bet is just having a wide variety. Hope this helps

Cheers Leo

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Make sure you have a variety of colours as well as a variety of swimming actions, maybe some 'paddle tail' types like the squidgy fish or the berkley Pogy, also have some 'wriggle' tails like the Berkly Grub minnow or Turtle Back Worms and then make sure you also have some Jerks Shads. Like the other guys have said, it just blows your mind that one day a particular lure carves up, then you try the same place a day or two later and zip on that lure, but you have success with something different.

Perseverence and adaptability are the key.

Good luck


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