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pod or outboard well


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i wil be remodeling my 1979 4.75 seafarer v-sea in the next few months and i was wondering if it is a good thing to put a pod on the back and do away with the very large outboard well.my boat is the old first shape which is set up for twin outboards.it had a new floor replaced in 2000 the transom needs a little work and i thought i may as well replace it and pod the boat at the same time.

there is a lot of work involved in doing this and it wiull prob take me 6 months as the floor will have to be resealed after i put the fuel tank under it like the viking.

is it wise to fill the under floor with foam or leave it as air.

i have read on the internet that pods can make a good boat bad as well, more weight at the back and making the boat sit arse heavey.

any thoughts would be great.

the reason for the revamp is the wife now likes fishing and wants to come a few times when i only go in botany bay


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