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2010 Stella review.


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Just received my new Stella in the post today and thought I'd share some pics and a little bit of a run down


The colour appears to be slightly darker than the press photos, overall better looking than I expected.


The bail arm has a slightly different design than the older model inside and out I think because it clicks over more easily than the 07' and feels more positive.


The Handle has a different knob made of a slightly harder material than the previous model. The handle can now be swapped side to side without changing the threaded insert, which on the 07 was a pain in the arse if you wanted to change hands on the go.


The line roller coating has been changed from titanium nitride to what appears to be Shimanos ARB coating. (as to whether it makes any difference...)


There is a different hole pattern in the spool which I quite like.


The drag knob has been changed from plastic to aluminum and it has a slightly finer adjustment and a much more positive feel.


In comparison to the 07 model it feels like less effort is required to turn the handle with a slight reduction in smoothness (this may improve with use as my previous Stella did) After a little bit of fiddling and adding some more oil, Ive got to say the smoothness is on par with the 07.

Overall everything feels a little tighter and more positive and a bit more well built.

Final thoughts; Little improvements overall make this reel a better package than the previous model certainly, but is this worth the extra $250-300?

As far as I'm concerned considering how good the 07 model is, the short answer is no.

2011 Update:

I've now had this reel nearly a year and I can say without a doubt its the best reel I've ever owned bar none.

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