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Off shore fishing with kids


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Anyone know of any on shore fishing around the sydney area thats safe for kids, close to toilets and fish that bite?? Please let me know looking at going out tomorrow for mothers day!!!

Title is meant to read ON shore

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Try Clifton Gardens, Balmoral or Bobbin Head! At Clifton i get bream and tailor with the chance of a king or salmon. At Balmoral i always get choppers, Bream and Flounder. Just use prawns and you should be able to find a few legal fish for a feed. My favourite, Bobbin Head, just use a rod with a sinker and prawn, cast it out and leave it in the community rod holders and then use a unweighted prawn or even squid and drift it about 6-7 meters from the shore. You can also use a float and catch the million and one mullet that seem to be around. Good luck

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