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Boat,night fishing,Jews.


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Evening fellow raiders.

Trying to get an idea on what things fellow raiders take on the boat for a night session.

Went out last night and took two flasks of coffe, a 4 pack of burbon and coke,couple of bag of chips.

Does anyone take a kettle,2 min noodles,burner/fry pan.What do you all reckon,any thoughts or ideas.

Regards Stu.


.caught bugger all,"wher'd all the fish go"

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Hey mate, I take a 2.4l flask of hot water that stays hot easily for a couple of days, coffee, sugar, cup a soup, noodles, cold water, soft drink, BBQ shapes, and usually a chocolate bar...or 2. I also have a single burner butane stove that I take incase I catch something and want to pull up on a beach to cook it (I don't like the idea of lighting it on the boat). Sleeping bag, warm clothes...Think thats about it. Done it a fair few times on the hawkesbury.... Nothing better.


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