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Friday night EPs

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Went to my local on Friday night and while getting ready heard the familiar crack of an EP hitting something hard on the surface, I quickly grabbed my rod with a Sammy rigged up and sent it off in the direction of the commotion, the lure just made contact with the water and was inhaled, I've never had such an immediate hit! The result was this nice Perch, quick photo and returned. Usually a fish on the first cast is a curse for me I never catch a thing for the rest of the session but this night I got two more and numerous hits. It dawned on me when I remembered we are now into May that it may be closed season and I should not be targeting EPs, can any one tell me when the season closes for Bass and Estury Perch?

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Nice EP there, as Bassboy888 said, closure 1st June until 31st August.

This isn't to say you can't catch them during this time, you just can't keep them, they must be released.

So you can target them for C&R but studies have shown that once caught they usually wont spawn for that season.

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