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AM/FM Radio.. Box Speakers Vs Flush Mount


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Hey Fellas

Got a GME GR 200 radio here, it's got AM/FM and i don't like the sound of the inbuilt speakers..

Just wondering why people would chose box speakers over flush mount ? or the other way around ?

Pros/cons ?

Looking in the local boating cattledog there seems to be a few pairs..

What do you guys think ?


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Box mounts are: smaller in diameter, far easier to mount (only two screws or bolts), can be swivelled to suit a mounting position, can mount vertical / horizontal / diagonal, and require minimal holes, but don,t sound quite as good as good flush mounts.

Flush mounts are: larger in diameter, require a large hole to be cut in trim, can only be mounted on a flat surface, you also need space behind the mounting surface to accommodate the depth of the speaker,but they look neater and sound a bit better, and will take up less 'room' in the boat as most of the speaker will be behind a trim of sorts, hence the name.

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