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Wanna Get Fit and Fish @ the Same Time


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Hey Raiders,

Decided that I have not been active enough, and due to work the only activities i manage is a fish. So I thought well maybe if I can find my self a fishing kayak that any raider might wanna let go id be interested in picking it up. That way I can get out and do some training and at the same time have fun by flickin around lures and what not.

I need to get active again, been to busy working and by the end of the cbf doing anything but fishing, and if i know I can fish and train at the same time its a huge bonus.

So just wanna know if any raiders have a cheapy fishin kayak I can pick up. Doesnt have to be all flash and that, aslong as it can keep me afloat and I can fish on it and it aint gonna sink im happy.

Cheers in advanced raiders,


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Mine isn't for sale - I only just bought it!!

The Hobie's, First Hand, start at around $2k. With all the extras, I spent just under $3k for mine. I just finished school, so I cant afford maintaing a boat, for now. I am hoping to upgrade to the Angler Pro next year :thumbup:


Oh wow, I was thinkin more of the lines of under $1k lol. Would I be able to pick up an outfit for this price range or am I just dangling in the wind here?

I have no clue about kayaks I just know how to ride em lol !

cheers mike

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Ive been on many kayaks before. Mates kayaks, hire kayaks the lot! Ive just never bought one.

But yeah ill have a look around on the net to see if i can pick something up second hand. Might even leave some sort of post in swap and sell here.

Cheers for the help mike


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