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Hawkesbury Delivers


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Fished the Hawkesbury on Thur 12 May for the first time since 20 years ago when I then landed 20+ large bream all berleyed up with boiled wheat! So decided to try the old tactics again, first fished the rail bridge on the run-out almost to dead low tide, got only 1 rotten catfish, I thought here we go again, this is going to be a WOFTAM day (Waste of F***ing Time And Money. Upped anchor, tried Juno Pt for zilch, then moved to Dangar Is, set up the berley trail and 10 mins later the cork handline goes berserk. I could tell it was a good fish from the fight, after much playing I eventually brought it to the net - a bream of 39cm! This beats my previous PB of 38cm caught years ago in Sydney Harbour in less than 1 metre of water. Next the rod goes off and in comes a huge whiting of 43cm! I've caught lots of big whiting in Port Hacking but never one that fat and that long - it was a monster. Other than that I ended up with one legal snapper and two more just-over-legal black bream. Didn't have scales to weigh the bigger fish, and would you believe it when I got home and went to photograph them, the camera had packed it in completely, so tossed that in the bin with the fish bones after a delicious meal of barbecued fish!

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Nice one mate!

It certainly wasnt delivering the night before and early that morning, i did an overnighter from Midnight till 9AM. Fished a few spots under the Railway Bridge, Flint n Steel, Lion Island and drifted from Danger Island to Juno Point and still did not even get 1 bite the whole time we were out, fell asleep for a few hours and woke up and the 4 baits we had out werent even touched, burlied hard, tried prawns, squid, pilchards, soft plastics etc.. Braved the blistering cold and 20knot winds all night for nothing. :ranting2:

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