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Im a bit sceptical about new brands, but the pricing isnt to bad and it saves me a trip to the tackle store which is 20 minutes away...

Has any one used Mojiko? I bought some flourocarbon, and nearly bought 300m of braid but didnt...

Would like to know if any raiders have used have used Mojiko gear and what they think of it.

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Not really a fan of the the brand but when a store has a 30% sale i changed my mind. Stocked up on a basket full of knife jigs (unrigged) for $8 and a snapper snatchers for 70cents each!! I saw the FC line but i stick to the proven brands in that range.

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For some reason it sounded like a alcoholic beverage!! Mohito !! hehehe

Seen this brand a few times in the sale bins at my local store. My gf stocked her tackle box up with it cause it was on sale, so far hasnt let her down but wouldnt say its the best by a long shot !



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