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mud crab habitats?

cheap charlie

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Hi all,

There has been a lot of talk recently about mud crabs in our local waterways. All the talk has me wanting to secure a few for a feed.

My question is however, what to look out for to Target these guys. I know the qld guys Target them near mangroves. How ever I have heard 2 reports of muddies in lake conjola. Problem is, conjola does not have any mangroves in it's system?

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well as the name suggests they like a muddy bottom

which is usually accompanied by mangroves

a strong box style trap [not witchs hats] is a must

bait it up with mullet/carcass well really anything i spose [i got one with a roast chook carcass]

i believe it may be one trap per person unlike witchs hats

oh and handle with great care if you like having all your fingers

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If you want mud crabs, you will have to put in the time. Down here they arent nearly as common as they are up north. The best advice i can give you is, look for fishy areas in the mangroves. Maybe a little pool seperate from the current. This is where you will find them. If you see a snag that may hold fish like barramundi and mangrove jacks(not that we get em down here) then there will be crabs too. You may even get blue swimmer, bream and other snaggy fish in your traps.

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