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Jewgaffer's Boat


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This is my jew boat. It's a 15 1/2 foot Sea Hunter side console made by the Mayfair Plant in Queensland. When my boat was manufactured Mayfairs also made boats under the name of Stessyl and Clarke having taken these companies over in the late nineties. In approx 2002 Mayfairs ended the boat manufacturing side of their operations to concentrate on making trailers namely the well known Tinker and Redco brands.

post-829-055380900 1305868115_thumb.jpg

post-829-095541400 1305868435_thumb.jpg

post-829-037645900 1305868931_thumb.jpg

post-829-045327600 1305869201_thumb.jpg

I have owned over 20 boats in my time and I must say this is the best boat I have ever fished in, it has three swivel chairs i.e. two in the stern area and one in the bow area- with a 70 litre ice box located longwise hard up against the rear of the side console unit provides a seat for a 4th person. This boat virtually has three separate fishing areas and fishes three quite comfortably and having the small side console makes it very roomy for a boat of it's size and it has a well designed carefully thought out set up with heaps of modification work done for a song by my good friend Geoff aka Geoff on Fishraider. :thumbup: thank you Geoff your advise and involvement in the work makes this boat a fabulous boat :thumbup: , a boat that nobody would ever want to part with.

24 volt - 82lb thrust Motorguide Electric Motor (electric motor, twin deep cycle batteries and charger installed by Geoff - Brackets to support the electric motor were designed and made by Gary Brickman of Seriously Stainless to save cutting the bow rail :-

post-829-035483800 1305872126_thumb.jpg

As many of you may know Geoff and I are senior members of Fishraider and we could do with an offsider or two to help us with launch and retrieve and hopefully add to the jewfish catch either in Botany Bay, the Georges or in the Hawkesbury. In my case I am awaiting hip replacement surgery so I will need as much help that I can get to get my boat out on the water as often as I would like to.

I live in the Cambelltown area and Geoff lives in the Auburn area. I am going to put up post sometime in the near future so that I can make up a list of members with good boating experience who would like to try and get onto a jewfish or two. The ideal situation would be to start off from Campbelltown and launch at Brooklyn until I have my hip joint replacement surgery. Any member, who would like to make up the third man and in some instances the fourth man in my boat, please contact me by pm or call me on my mobile on 0413210048. My best friend George aka Cungeee George on Fishraider will be fishing with us on some sessions particularly when overnighters are necessary.

The photo below is a random photo and shows that jewfish do exist if you put the time in.

post-829-072196200 1305868590_thumb.jpg Photo taken after a Tom Ugly's bridge session a few years ago with my grandson littlejewgaffer when my back was ok before I was involved in a boating collision at Ballina.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

post-829-062130200 1305871247_thumb.jpg

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Nice rig, I might see you one day on the Hawkesbury. Announce on Fishraider when you're hitting the Hawkesbury next, and if I'm going the same time we'll share a spot or two.


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Shes a Beauty!!!!

As we have spoken in the past I would love to come out with yourself..

I own a small boat and have learned a thing or 2 about boating and more than happy to help in whatever way I can when you do head out.

It must be very frustrating waiting for the surgery hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.

I was talking to johnny doi a few weeks ago and mentioned to him that when he comes down to visit you I might tag along if you dont mind as I would like to meet you and set a date to head out

for a fish with you as together with you and cungee george I am sure I would learn a lifetime's worth!!!! Hawkesbury or georges sound good but would prefer georges as its my local waterway and would like to find a few spots as I allready know of a few in the harbour.



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