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PB Winter King at the Peak on Saturday


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Day started about 7am in water with the Mrs catching some Yakkas in quick time but was pretty Windy from the West already....... but by mid-morning wind had died completely and Ocean almost glassed out!

Current was ripping out at the peak as another post had warned the other day but drifting fast with it kept the lines down...

By 1030am had landed my PB King...very fat and healthy and came up 89cm on lie detector and 8kg.

First 40 secs of the fight was real tug of war as he ran for the bottom ripping line off the reel so fast under a high drag pressure the moisture in the line went to mist and made it look like it was smoking.

This was the christening of my new JigWrex Rod and could not be happier with how it performed....Took him on a blue jig..... but landed another 2 monster Bonito and also a Barracuta with their shocking mouths on live Yakkas

Weather ended up being fantastic and fishing too!

Cheers guys

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post-16878-034473600 1306055819_thumb.jpg

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