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Not having much success!


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I've been fishing on and off for about 6 months now and i haven't had much luck at all. I've only caught 2 legal whiting at Narrabeen lake in the summer and nothing else worth mentioning besides that (was bloody stoked when i caught them though!)

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on a good species to target for a beginner and how I'd go about catching them. What bait I'd use, rigs, tides, times etc. Also any good spots to fish? I live up in the north of Sydney, near Chatswood. My usual spots are Narrabeen lake, Bobbin head and Balmoral beach.

I'm not quite sure what my rod + reel are, but they're made by Shakespeare, and heavier than a bream combo. I normally use 10 pound mono main line and 6 pound fluoro leader.

Any help is appreciated to help me catch a bit more consistently :thumbup:


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I'd start with bream, easier of fish to catch, maybe try Hawkesbury area for a change.

The line seems fine that you have, light running sinker and 1-1/0 hook if you're using bait.

Are you using plastics or hard bodies or bait?

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I fish all those areas that you have mentioned. For Balmoral just get some live beach worms from a tackle store and fish either dawn or dusk. For Bobbin Head i would try unweighted prawns for the bream and maybe even chuck some pilchard out as i have seen big flathead, tailor and salmon caught here. For the lake, get some live worms and fish the sandbar near the ocean street bridge. The whiting might be a little slow as its near winter but you will get bream, tailor, flathead and the occassional whiting or salmon.

Good luck

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Just cast out prawns or pilchard and leave it as is mate. If your still having no luck then get some size 6 longshanks and some bread about a meter under a float and you will get some of the worlds biggest mullet (at bobbin head). Some guy caught one that he measured to be 72cm! not bad!

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Wow! Biggest mullet I've seen is about 30cm.

Might head down to Narrabeen Lake at the end of this week. Try my luck there in front of the caravan park. :biggrin2:

One last question, what's the best way to rig a worm onto a hook? And do i need to burley?

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