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Filleting knife


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Hi All

I need a new filleting knife. My existing one was a cheapie that has finally seen it's last fish.

My budget is up to about $80.

Can anyone recommend a good knife please as well as where I can get it from .

Thanks in advance


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Dexter for me they are the ones the guys use down the markets. Good stell and they hold an edge and are not too hard in the stell that s the biggest thing if the stell in the knife is too hard it can be hard to get it back unless done professionally too soft and your forever sharpening. E Dick is another good brand

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i was gunna spend that kind of money on a knife, then i asked a couple of butchers what they paid for a knife, when the first one said 20 bucks i though he must be tight. the next few had the same sort of budget.

Maybe ask a local butcher or your fish shop dude where they get theirs. i ended up with a rapala one for ten bucks, maybe the butchers supplier next time.

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