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Anybody chasing crays?


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Hi Mike,

I dive for crays in winter. Last winter i didn't start looking till 1st June and by then they were everywhere. I managed to get 18 crays in june and then due to uni and work I didn't get much more of a chance to look for them after June.

I haven't been able to get out this season yet due to work and the big seas we've had of late. I'm hoping to get out and start looking for them once the swell dies down, however i wouldn't be surprised if they are here now.

Ive never tried to trap for them, its much easier to get in the water for 10 mins and grab a couple for dinner.

If i can give you any advice it would be think shallow. The place I dive for them is no more than 1.5m deep. I can only dive it on the top half of the tide otherwise its to shallow.

Also from what i've discovered from experience is around the full moon its pretty hard to find them and when you do they have soft shells. My theory is that they must shed there shells around the full moon and as there new shell is very soft they go deep into cracks/caves to hide from predators. Thats not to say they dont still come out at night to feed which is when you'll get them in your traps.

Habitat wise, they hang out in rocky areas that have a lot of kelp growing on the rocks. Where I get them there is a zone of cunji lined rocks and then the kelp covered rocks and then a zone of sea grass covered rocks before going onto sand. The only zone i've ever found them in is the kelp zone.

If you want any more info just ask.



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well im off to try my secret spot in a few weeks

i dont even get wet

just lure them out with some pilly on a line and net em

best day was 7 lobsters

but it has been a few yers since ive been

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