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Rear Casting Deck on Tinny


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Ok I have attached some pics.

What I want is very simple, but finding somebody to do it hasn't been.

All I want is some alluminium brackets installed with some ply and marine carpet hatches, so that they can cover the fuel tank and I can put a live bait tank it and use it as a rear casting deck.

Simple you would have thought.

I have been to two places.

One quoted $550 but said he would only do it if hatches were alluminium.

The other just wouldn't do it.

I know its a simple job to do, but I just want it professionally done.

Any ideas on who could do it?

Here is the area where I want the hatches.

post-17998-097490100 1306824837_thumb.jpg

and here is something similar to what I want

post-17998-040318400 1306824979_thumb.jpg

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Kurt, I did that to my boat and it wasn't that difficult - see pics.

Happy to help you with this at a reasonable price, but will need to look at the boat.

Ph me on 0402 110 666 if you want to discuss.

Cheers, Tuffy

post-1961-098066100 1306895393_thumb.jpg

post-1961-067588600 1306895409_thumb.jpg

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I reckon that $550 quote is pretty reasonable. You can buy the carpet and do that part yourself. I reckon the aluminium is better than ply for longevity and lightness!! You could easily get a live bait tank in there too.

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Send me a pm. I can get marine ply at a cost less than anyone. I buy heaps of board/ply in my business. If your local to my workshop I have all the means and machinery and glue for carpet also. Maybe a case of beer for a hand? Cheers Andrew.

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Casting decks are quite trendy but have a think about if it is necessary. I have fished in a few small tinny's that have decks put in them and I find them a bit scarey at times. A small beam means the boat rolls easy and if you have a deck up near the gunnel the roll is more pronounced. In most cases the advantage of a casting deck on a small tinney only gives you a foot or so of extra height.

In my old tinney i put a deck through from the middle to the front seat. Not so much for a casting deck but more as storage for anchors and crap. All it took was some 40 X 40 aluminium angle, pop rivets, ply and some carpet. All up it was about $100 odd dollars.

If I had to fork out $500 plus to fill in the back of a tinney I would have to find more justification than just 600mm higher casting position.


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