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bilge pump installation


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what would be the best way to install a bilge pump into a boat mounting wise any info appreciated boat Quintrex fishabout aluminium rule 1100gph with a float switch at the stern of the boat as close as possible to the transom

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I didn't think they needed to be mounted all that solidly. I wouldn't be drilling any holes or anything.

Perhaps one of those plastic cable holder gadgets with the double sided tape on the back fastened to the inside of the transom, then a cable tie around the pump body and the holder. I can't imagine it getting stressed a lot at the transom end and this way allows easy relocation if the spot isn't quite right.

Put it a little to one side of the bung plugs so it doesn't block flow from there and you should be right.

The float switch I'd use a waterproof adhesive to the inside of the hull. Again its not going to get bashed around a lot so it doesn't have to be concreted in :) place it so the float in the on position is maybe an inch above your pumps intake so it doesn't switch on and off a lot with a small amount of sloshing water.

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