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Quick question about Thompson Creek Dam

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Hi all. Hopefully a very quick one. Myself and a few friends are planning a trip to the lake in a month or so (the weather will be just like my native England I expect). I've been to the lake before and have seen the remains of small fires around the rocky parts of the lake. We were thinking would be really nice to have a very small tended fire going to cook a stew on to keep us warm during the fishing. Just wondered if anyone knows if this would be against regulations or etiquette as the lake is such a beautiful place to fish I don't want to jeopardise being able to continue fishing there.

Also any tips to increase my chances of hooking into one of the giant brown trout that lurk in the lake would be much appreciated.



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id suggest contacting your local authority ie: national parks/council etc

im sure there will be signs a plenty anyway but that may not help

buy a cheap gas bbq

i believe u can nearly always use a gas bbq just take the plate off [except of course in extreme fire conditions]

sorry cant help better

better still take a warm woman!!

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The Dam is a private dam owned by Delta Power, so contacting the National Parks won't be any use other than to tell you they don't control it. Best bet is to try and find out the contact number for the Delta Power security team and ask them, or if you see them one day while fishing, ask then. I'd be guessing that it's not allowed. As it's private land, they basically make their own rules. So even though a gas BBQ may be allowed all year round in a National Park, they may not allow it at TCD. Although the risk of a fire spreading is minimal at the moment, it is Delta Power that would be liable if a fire starts and spreads. Any damage to the neighboring pine forest or land would have to be paid for by them. They would simply want to cover their arse and take absolutely no chances that a fire on their property start. And allowing one person to light a fire in autumn may set a precedent of idiots lighting them in summer...

The other option is to just go ahead and light it, then plead ignorance if and when they tell you to put it out, but you may end up with a fine or escort off the property if you do that. Personally, I'd forget the fire and concentrate on fishing. You can't use bait so you have to be active to catch a fish, and at Thompsons it often needs a lot of effort to land a fish. It's just wasted fishing time sitting around a camp fire :1fishing1:

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