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Im Back !

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GDay Raiders

Nice to back on the boards after a short absence, but im back with a vengeance !

Went out with member Oldmate on the weekend in " Oldschool"

We decided to hit a few spots aroung the mouth of the Hawkesbury and managed to have a pretty good day. Anchored up at Juno in the morning to see what we could do, and the Tailor were going nuts taking anything that moved. Started to fish a jig head slightly heavier at a quarter ounce with instant success on the Bream albeit on Tuna strips not the plastics, but still we mangaged to land some nice fish betweem 27 and 33 cm's. They did seem particularly agressive and went very hard for their size which was interesting.

After this quietened off we moved around some shorlines and I managed to land a 30cm model first cast on a 3 inch gulp which was encouraging.

As we drifted along the shoreline we picked up some more Tailor feeding on a baitfish school and a couple more Bream on the gulp's. We also were picking up heaps of small Flatties.

As we were quietly flicking away Oldmate had a big hit, and all of a sudden a big silver flash was 2 foot out of the water and equally as big. I firslty called it for a King as I thought I saw a yellow tail but I could have been wrong. Unfortunatley it swam towards us then turned sharply easily busting the 4 kg leader. Dont even think it knew it was hooked. Could have been a Salmon or a big Tailor too. Damn.

Never mind keep drifting. Picked up a few more small Flatties then yours truly gets a hit right on the edge of the weed. This was big but very sluggish, so I took it pretty easy and slowly brought it in. Woo hoo its a big Flattie and im peeking.

Oldmate gently slipped the net under and in she came.

The damn thing then decided to do some croc style death roles and well and truly tangle itself in the net. After a lengthy struggle to get it out of the net we managed to put a tape on it and get a quick photo before releasing the old girl back into the water. She swam off no probs and I was a very happy man.

A PB for me at 78cm taken on a 3 in pseed Gulp grub.

Landed a few more Flatties and Oldmate landed a nice Leather jacket on the same lure and then headed home, Great day. Might throw her in the records section to equal Brents although ive got no tape shot. The LJ could be a record too, as is a Flounder I took on a 55mm Squidgee a couple of weeks ago.

Good to be back and putting up a report.

Cheers :biggrin2:

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