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Living On A Boat


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Is it ok/legal to live permantly on a boat. It would be a boat moored or tied to a jetty? Are there any regulations regarding this?

Not sure if I do this whether it will be in QLD or NSW. If there was regulations they would be state wouldnt they?

Has anybody tired this?


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There is info about this on the waterways website. Basically you are not allowed to live on a waterways issued mooring. I'm pretty sure it would go for jetties too. However having said that, there is a bloke at my marina that lives on his berthed boat. Its not like they're going to catch you or anything so go for it.

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I have noticed some boats selling as live aboards, However these are for sale in QLD.. Maybe its is fine up there... THe :wife: and I are thinking of moving up to the sunshine state soon anyway... ANd I was thiniing that this could be an option instead of buying a house...

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