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Water Rules


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I wonder...

If motor driven boats have to give way to sail power .... how does a tinnie with a 6hp motor doing 4knots get out of the way of a kite surfer pumping along at 30knots :(

The kite passes overhead .... closely followed by the ratbag on the board passing overhead while doing a laid-back-twisty-loopy-flippy ... nearly taking someone's head off and proceeding to zoom off to the horizon :ranting2:

Shouldn't these things have rego numbers on them ... or at least have a season ... similar to duck season :1naughty:

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I was spooling up a heavy duty outfit with 65 lb braid the other night and the next door neighbour was assisting tensioning the line onto the reel

Any way in the general discussion about the strenght and diameter of the line he said "how would you go stringing that across a road about neck height where motor bikes ride" (he's got an evil mind) :ninja:

Perhaps theres a message in that. I now wonder how one of those dorks (especially on jetskis) that feel they must dart in behind me at 25 or 30 kts when Im trolling will go if they ever pick up a braid line

Also just had a another thought, braid would be a nightmare to try and untangle out of a prop and propshaft

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