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to introduce my self, my name is steve, im 25 yrs old and i usually do freshwater fishing and i live in california.

im interested in buying daiwa products like the "luvias" reel. but i dont know where i can walk into a store where they sell such reels. here in california they have their products but just a portion of the products they make.

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Guest bluecod

:1welcomeani: to the site dubb

I'm surprised that Cabelas or Basspro don't have them however they may not be marketed in the US or could be under a different name.

Send a PM to Mick R [Australian Bass Angler] to see if they stock them, failing that an Internet search will pick them up.

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Guest fishrunner

:1welcomeani: to the site steve, you could always try campbells, or as swoff said ebay, good luck.

Been looking at these reels myself, seem to be good value for money?, cheapest daiwa with didigear drive system(same as saltiga), and very light compared to others.

any opinions on these reels, info would be great..


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Guest fishrunner

Do you mean the Luvias?

Thanks swoffa,

yeah, the luvias, planning on puting it on a loomis dropshot, I believe you bout the certate, but it's a big jump(financialy) and am having probs justifying that amount :( .

Read your blog and I'll just steer clear of the 2004 model, do you think there is any need for the 2500 size, or is the 1500 quit sufficient?

Anyone else have any opiniions on this reel - good or bad.?

thanks again


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thanks for all the replies..sorry bout getting back to this thread so late..i been busy...

:1welcomeani: dubb... i woulda thought cali would stock heaps of daiwa products but i guess not... hows the fishing over in that part of the world?


thats what i thought too as well...they have a store here..but they just dont put all the "good" daiwa reels in display. as for fishing here in california..i enjoy it very much...i usually fish for bass, catfish, and trout. and there are lakes that open up at night time.

Do you mean the Luvias? If so, they're great little reels. I've owned about 7 or so of them now and never had any problems (except for the 2004 model, but that's just me being anal). My 1500's have accounted for some superb fish, like the jew in my avtar, and never let me down.

really..? i want to get this reel..because it seems smooth.....what happen to your 7 reels..do you think you can sell one to me? im looking or a 1500 or 2000

Hey Mate, Welcome to the site 1welcomeani.gif , hope you like it.

What kind of reel is the Luvias ????, sounds fancy 1naughty.gif



thanks gabzirulz...the luvias is a nice reel...it works for me because its seems like its in the middle between the good and best reels.

here is a link to this website that carries it


ive also seen them on ebay...as well...

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