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Tony Soprano

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Hey everyone...

Just got a few questions...

I've only been fishing regularly for the last few months and I'm trying to learn as much as I can at the moment...

The one thing that I've been trying to find out about with little success is which line I should be using...

I mostly fish around the Hawkesbury, Cowan Creek, Broken Bay going for Flathead, Bream, Jew and pretty much anything else that I can catch. At the moment I have been using Jarvis Walker monofilament in 6lb and 12lb with inconsistent results...

The thing I've been trying to determine is whether the more expensive lines like Fireline, Berkely Vanish etc are worth the extra money?

The price difference is ridiculous in some cases but is the more expensive line that much better? I don't mind paying more if it will make a big difference but looking at all the different types of line is totally baffling...

Can someone point me in the direction of a general all purpose line that I can use to catch most estuary species?

Sorry for the essay, any help much appreciated...

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I'll go the opposite way and recommend good ol' mono for a general all round line for a relative newcomer in the estuary. First choice if we are talking value for money, reliability and also longevity would be for me Maxima. It's easy to handle as well, not too stiff and not too soft, and isn't too bad for line twist. Good colour for our estuaries too, but clear lines are better for trace/leader. And it breaks more than stated breaking strain. Cheers Bombie

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Guest bluecod


If you are relatively inexperienced, I would agree 100% with bombora but would add that once you do have more experience, investigate the braids as the sense of feel you get from these "zero" stretch lines is amazing. Just keep a mental note that the knots you need with braids are different and can take a bit of practise to tie correctly.

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I'm still a fan for mono in a lot of cases and for general estuary fishing it is pretty good. I have Ande and Hawk on most of my outfits, the rest have maxima or torture, stick to these brands and you will do fine. With mono I stay well away from platypus and berkley. :thumbdown: Do yourself and get rid of the jarvis walker line. I have a bit of it here and there that I use for backing on overheads with braid. Its a strong line no problems there, but its a shocker for casting and lays on threadlines badly.

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G'day Mate,

I was fishing mono on all my gear (except bream gear) up until recently and I've been fishing for years but got serious in the last 2 or 3. Good quality mono like Maxima served me very well over that time.

However :1naughty: ... I changed my heavier spin outfits over to TufLine XP Braid just recently and wow, what a difference. :thumbup:

For example, 15lb Tufline has about the same diameter (thickness) as 4lb mono and for me has worked a treat and I'm really, really happy with it.

It casts further, lays on the reel beautifully and doesn't "jump off" or get full of twists or wrapped around the tip of the rod. Even bottom bashing inshore reefs and under the cliffs I use less lead to get to the bottom and can feel every bite and nibble.

Changing to braid on a couple of outfits wasn't cheap but I just love it. It's made my fishing a more pleasureable and "fun" experience (if that makes sense) and I'll never go back to mono.

A quality Mono like Maxima will serve you well in the estuary but once you get yourself organised and get right into it, braid takes it to the next level and you'll just love it.



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However  :1naughty: ... I changed my heavier spin outfits over to TufLine XP Braid just recently and wow, what a difference. :thumbup:




I will second that David. TufLine is fantastic stuff that i use on three out of my four Jewie outfits ranging from 50 to 80 lbs.

However, i still like using mono say for when im baitfishing for bream and i would recommend starting out with it as its much cheaper than Braid and will give you the added protection of the stretch factor until you gain more experience. The last thing you wanna do is have a monumental tangle or backlash with braid as you would have wasted a lot of money.

I have found the Penn 10x (Jack Erskines) line from Kmart is pretty good stuff and excellent value :thumbup: I would be ditching the JW line as its pretty nasty.

Good luck,

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