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470 Tournament Elite


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Ah yes the old to good to be true deal :074: As usual the info wasn't quite fitting to the reality of things. :05: Seems the 470 turned into a 460 :1yikes: overnight.

The price tag also suffered a blowout and it appears that due to a wall street crash has jumped to $10.000. :hitsfan::05: Lesson learned, experienced gained. But gees after getting a close :1yikes: at the boat Im jealous as hell of you Lightweight . :ranting2: A very nice little boat, to be honest, I may have paid the money no probs but if there is one thing I cant stand is somebody who agrrees on a deal only to change it at the last minute. Ive waited years to buy my first boat I wont let some P**** take the enjoyment out of it for me. A few more years aint gonna hurt.

:thumbup: Thanks to all who passed on their info on my earlier topic on this matter it all helped.

Lightweight, thank you for the run down on your beast.

:1naughty: The search continues


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