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Termites In His Boat


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G'day all

my neighbor has been extending his boat and it has been out of the water for a few years, he has got it almost finished and discovered yesterday that he has termites just started in it.

does anyone know a company that can do an enclosed fumigation on a trailerboat in his backyard.

poor bloke was nearly in tears he could have bought a bertie 30 for what he has spent on this rebuild so far and it would kill him to lose it to termites.

his boat is approx 30ft cabin cruiser.

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Follow the path of them or look for little dirt tracks going up the side of the boat, this should lead you to their nest. IF they haven't nested in the boat then the problem may not be as serious. basically the hull needs to be protected from them from the ground up. How does the boat sit, is it on a stand, trailer or what???

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