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Mustad Gang Hooks


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We've been using the premade Mustad gangs on the hairtail this season (only two trips mind you) and have had a lot of hooks go missing. Not sure if it was breakage or the hooks not closed properly (should really check this first I know). Anyone else had issues?



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G'day Caine

I never bother with the pre made gangs due to the cost and problems like you're having.

A pair of ganging pliers have a couple of cones on the inside handle for opening eyes and a groove for closing them. You can pick them up for about $30 if you hunt around.

You will save heaps doing them yourself, and then you know you have done them right, or at least can't blame anyone else haha.

Every few weeks I sit on the couch with a beer, a few packets of hooks, swivels and fill up a section of pool noodle with rigs

Cheers Leo

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