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$29000 For A Boat


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Hi all. I have managed to convince my good wife, that I really am in need of a boat that will more than likely cost around $29000, as opposed to my current 4m open tinny. By some strange shifting of the stars, she has come around to the idea :1clap: .

The deal, is that is should be a cross between fishing and family boat. My first choice is the Haines Hunter 495 Breeze, with a 75hp 4 stroke on the bum. I would be most interested to know if anyone has an opinion about any other boats that may fit the bill, and the budget. I am leaning towards fibre glass, due to the smoother ride, and the softer edges (the wife likes those). She likes the idea of the covered area for getting out of the weather, and to perhaps be able to use for overnighters, with a good bimini. I have never looked at this type of boat, except for drooling over it in the fishing mags. I would also consider late model second hand boats, although I am very cautious about 2nd hand motors, a result of experiences with my current tinny. I guess I'm hoping to hear from some current owners, who may have a boat that they think is really great, or really bad, that is in the price range I'm looking at. I know that you won't benefit from this, but any knowledge that doesn't come from the sales person, is interesting to me.

Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to pass some feedback.

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Guest Jocool
I know that you won't benefit from this, but any knowledge that doesn't come from the sales person, is interesting to me.


Believe it or not, everyone benefits from Q&A like this on an open forum. Some day down the track someone else can use this as a refrence. :thumbup:

Boats tend to be a very personal thing. I prefer an alloy boat because of its knock around capabilities. I am not terribly interested in the smooth lines, as you put it, but I don't have anyone to please but myslef. :1naughty:

I'm not too sure on pricing, but I have ridden in a Stejcraft just like Darryl's boat, and I came away impressed with the ride. The one I rode wasn't overly big on luxuries but was functional.

Haines Signatures have a huge following in the fishing, and general boating markets. And rightly so. Superb boats, and exceptional fitout. I'm not sure of the pricing, but the 702 I have been in was exy. A couple of members on here own them as well!

Hope that helps. :wacko:

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Jocool, your points are well noted. In truth, from what I can see, the half cabin alloys are even dearer than the Haines Hunter. I too believe that the alloys are good for the knock around aspect. In fact, especially getting them back onto the trailer. I have run my 4m tinny off the rollers on numerous occasions, and once I snapped the wire on the winch, and the whole thing slid off and landed on the ramp. I kid you not. That was early in the piece, and I had not checked the cable when I bought the boat. I have learn't a bit since then, but I am still very much an enthusiast with limited experience. I do find the alloy boats to be really bouncy in a bit of chop, whereas the heavier fibre glass boats are less effected. It may just be my opinion, rather than a real fact. Thanks for your input though.

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gday chips,

i own a bayliner bowrider and as far as a cross between family and fishing, i believe the bowrider is just about the best layout. i have set mine up with an aftermarket bimini and clears which gives great shelter. these boats often come with back to back seats which fold out to form daybeds and i have done a few overnighters using these as beds and sure they arent the most comfy but neither are most of the bunks in cabin boats.

the wife or kids can soak up the sun in the bow section while you can fish down the back with no complaints of flying bait and hooks. i have an 18 footer and its licenced to carry 8.

if your after a versatile all rounder i would suggest a bowrider.

the Bayliners start from about $27000 for a 17 footer with a 135hp Mercruiser which is great value.

btw, i picked up a copy of a great magazine which should help you make a decision on the type of boat to suit your needs. its called Fish & Family Boat Guide (3rd edition) by Jeff Webster and for 9 bucks from most newsagents its a great guide :thumbup:

hope this helps

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Hey Nut,

That sounds interesting. I really believed that Bayliners were another tack above my meagre budget. I'll grab a copy of the mag you mentioned. I've been buying "Trailer Boat", which has stacks of boats with prices, so it is a quick way to compare some pricing. The bow riders are nice. I guess there is always a perception that a solid cover is better than a canvas one.

Daryll has also made a good point. Although we did have this perception that these canvas covers are almost as good as tents, and you can throw matresses in the back as well as using the cabin area.

I do plan to go to the boat show later this month, and see what there is in terms of boats and deals.

My biggest fear is that I may make a $29000 mistake, and the dream turns into a nightmare. Although that is probably dramatic. I have been using a 4m open tinny for the last 5 years, and had a ball in it. I just have the desire for more comfort (soft seats), no spray in the face, and auto trim and tilt. All the rest is a bonus.

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