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Honeymoon Spaniard


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Tokoriki island resort, Mamanuca islands Fiji, June 2012


3-hour "light-tackle" trolling trip around the surrounding reefs


3 rods set up at the rear of the boat, 2 deep-divers and 1 dead bait (some type of mackeral)


After an hour of trolling without a bite, we realised the 2 deep-divers had entangled. So we reeled them in and spent at least 30mins trying to untangle the 2-braid lines... Inside my head I was thinking great what a waste of money we're going to waste the whole trip re-rigging these ro.... and then the best interruption to my thought occured... zzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ the reel with the trolling mackeral started screaming, it was between me and another fellow angler to take the first one, and after he hesitated I jumped at the opportunity and grabbed the rod...

At first it was like reeling a big heavy dead weight, indicating it was probably swimming towards the boat. After about 15mins we started to see some colour, at which the fish decided to make a run for it, the first real sign of a fight.. this happened again a few times, once going underneath the boat and if it wasn't for throwing the throttle into neutral I'm sure we would've been busted off..

The deckhand was jumping for joy as he came from the local village and we had pre-arranged for any fish caught to be given to his village. He quickly grabbed the gaff and pulled the beast aboard...

post-16624-029575700 1340882657_thumb.jpg

A new PB for me in any species... the deckhand estimated it to be 20kg plus, but judging by how heavy it felt I would've guessed nearly 30..

I saw the deckhand the next day, he said the mackeral fed 6 families for dinner and there was still plenty left over the following morning!

Great way to end the honeymoon!

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