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Syd Harbour..8th


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Had a fish on the harbour early this morning off one of the more known whalfs for a few hrs to try and catch a few trevs.They where quite for a while but i persisted with a bit burley and ended up having a fun little seshion..Was using ultra light bream gear and found my self running around the jetty trying to steer them into clear water which worked a charm sometimes and other times the more grief you gave them they gave twice as much back..

Got busted up once, pulled the hook trying to a redirect the fish and a bloody corment(bird that can swim real well under water at pace) :ranting2: stole one aswell.. All fish where around the 35-38cm range :thumbup:

The tally ended up like so...

Me 2

Trevs 2

Cormet 1

Also was preety cool watching a few of the navy boats heading out through the heads..

Sorry didnt take any pics of the fish(lazyness) :ranting2: but took a few of one of the Large vessels on the move..




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Guest Jocool

And apparently the boys know how to spend money when on shore leave! :074:

Good going on the fishing too Rob. :thumbup:

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