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Sunfish in Botany Bay?


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Just near botany heads, heard a big splash approx 5m from the boat and saw a silhouette diving down that looked like a sunfish. Approx 1.2m radius.

Am I seeing things?

Must be the kwells side-effects!! :thumbup::1yikes:

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Last sunday while fishing in pittwater we spotted a large sea turtle sunning itself on the surface. Never seen one in sydney before. My inlaws live palm beach and some years ago saw a sunfish.

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Could be a sunfish- they like to sit on the surface and sun to get rid of skin parasites... but I thought they usually show up in our waters around summertime.

You never know what you'll see around BB. Last year a scuba boat came across a whale shark in the bay!

As for turtles- I have seen them at several spots in the East including Maroubra, Malabar, and most recently La Pa... so they're more common than people think!

Gotta love living in a big city like this and being able to see such amazing wildlife- not many places in the world you can do that!


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