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Thompsons Creek Dam

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Hey Raiders - A story for you

Not just the dam wall is dangerous! 2009 in July I drove in to TCD the back way through the pines. I jumped the gate walked over the top of the quarry to the water's edge on the wall side.(best way to get in) It was sago snowing and very wet, I slipped and spun dislocating my ankle and snapping my fibula, foot facing 90 degrees pointing outwards. Using my good leg for a splint I dragged myself up the muddy bank and found a grass tussock to lay my head on and assess the situation. No one knew that I had gone fishing so I was pretty desperate to get back to my 4WD, I grabbed my foot and relocated it straight hoping it was just dislocated but in doing so could feel the crunching of the broken bones inside. I lay back unrigged my fly rod and packed it up for a long crawl to the car. You won't believe it about an hour goes by until I realise I had my mobile with me. It was cold and the rain was steady. Fortunately my jacket was a good one.

My phone was fortunately in range - one bar low on battery. I contacted a mate who was familiar with the fishing spot and asked him to get an ambulance to me. It was a huge relief to have made contact and that my whereabouts were known to someone. No ambulance arrived, though I knew my mate had called them and given them his directions.

A couple of hours go by so I rang Telstra directory and asked for the number of Delta Power Station.

When I was put through to the safety officer I knew that there would be some action. Without delay I was speaking to a field officer who was familiar with the area.

“Describe the place where you are stranded.”

“I’m on the edge of the dam, about 200metres from the damn wall and west of the quarry”.

“I know precisely where you are. We’ll be there soon”.

“Could you please contact the ambulance and direct them?”

“Yes, we’ll do that now. Hang on”

“I can’t hang on: my phone battery will run out. I’ll have to hang up and hope you can ring back”

And they did and posted security people at vantage points to guide them in because the ambulance was somewhat lost.

The Delta crew arrived well before the ambulance, about eight officers in number of 4WDs. There were field workers, first aid people and management personnel. They were magnificent. As I apologized to each in turn for the inconvenience, they re-assured me that their only concern was to help me. (and by the way, they confessed, it was an interesting diversion from their usual daily routine) They kept me as warm and comfortable as possible, assisted the ambos when they arrived and eight pairs of eyes watched with interest as the ambo sought a vein in which to insert a catheter. Then with me aboard, the 4WD ambulance bogged and Delta personnel with straps and towing gear had to get us on track. All the way to Bathurst the paramedic in the back with me kept up a steady dose of morphine to ease the pain. Great stuff! It took over 5 hours from the time of break to getting to hospital.

Friends Robert McGill and Joe Hardy spent all Thursday searching for and retrieving my vehicle..For this I am very appreciative.

Moral of the story, always tell someone where your going and a time frame. Watch your step! I certainly learnt my lesson that day.



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good to hear you are OK, but reminder that you shouldnt fish without telling people where you are going,

and also if you CHANGE spots - tell someone, no use a search party searching somwhere you *were*...

nice that the energy guys could practice their emergency response skills :)

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Holy crap! When fishing trips go wrong! Good reminder about telling folks what you are up to. Interestingly enough, if you had done that now (as in this year), there would have been 20 odd other fisho's in the area!

Kudo's to Delta as well.



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He broke his leg at the quarry near the water, so it doesn't matter where he walked in from. You could break a leg anywhere around the dam, but the most likely place is the wall.

Yes, agreed.

I also know the back way in to the place & if I fished there alone I wouldn't use it.

Imagine no phone reception, can't get to your car & this quote from the post,

"Friends Robert McGill and Joe Hardy spent all Thursday searching for and retrieving my vehicle..For this I am very appreciative."

Where would you like to be parked if you broke your leg & were stuck out there?

I'm just glad Dragemout got out safely. Mate you must have a very high tolerance to pain!!!! :1yikes:



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When i go fishing, i always tell someone (usually my girlfriend) where i will fishing. But most of the times i always try to get someone to come along with me.

Lucky my little sisters boyfriend is into fishing now so he is always keen to go.

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