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Blackfish Fishing


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Hi All,

I was just looking for some advise in regards to going after Blackfish, I rarely fish this time of the year but now I am interested in trying something different. Could someone please point me in the right direction. The location I will be fishing to begin with is Lake Illawarra, I always see black fish fishermen there and some of the pointers I am after are:

  • When is the best time?
  • When is the best tide?
  • Best rig? (Floats, sinkers, hook, etc)
  • Technique?

I will be heading to the tackle store on Friday to get the bits and piece that I am missing, so any advise is appreciated.

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Wehn buying a float get a mix pencil and bodied that take approx a no 1 barrell sinker to ballast to almost nuetral bouyancy all my estuary floats are based on that (i make my own) it seems to be the ideal weight in most water depths it does pay to have a few lighter ones though and you want floats for still and running water some types will lay over in the faster runs this is where a cork bodied float pays off in still water a cedar pencil is ideal. Be mindful luderick have a mind of thier own much like trout they will feed whe nit suits them or they will go plain ballastic all day! Good luck........

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