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Darwin & Kakadu


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Look to be getting a week in Darwin/Kakadu late in october.

Anybody recommend any charter trips or guides worth checking out.

Never fished for Barra before be nice to have a crack at one.

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Hey Swano.

We do Point Stuart at Shady Camp in the run-off. (late April).

Hire a polycraft there and do it yourself, so much more rewarding its a absolute blast and so much cheaper. (good boat experieance is necessary as if you get stranded on the mud banks the crocs will eat you but only if the bugs don't get you first.)

You get to adventure, explore, and do what you want without being constrained in a guides boat with other people.

You also get to fish the fresh and the salt sides on either side of the barrage.

Stop off at the famous lure place on your way (you'll hear about it) and make sure you get some gold bombers and little devils. At that time of year the salt side is the best for larger Barra but the fresh has a stack of smaller barra for the taking.

Secret for trolling for Barra, keep your lure well back from the boat, at least 40-50m and get your lure right into the strike zone.

By that I mean within 3 foot of snags branches or anything that will hold Barra.

Remember they are a total ambush fish (check out their eye orientation on their bodies) they sit in cover and then explode out onto their prey.

Have not been overly impressed with the darwin charters we have occasionly done, very hard currents and very hard fishing.

The best mud crabbing has to be at Boynoe Harbour, there is one camp and resort area and you can also hire their runabouts.

Mate you will come home with truckloads of muddies but you gotta get into the really bug infested parts of the mangroves.

No prob there long pants, shirts, face net and dont forget the socks on your feets with heaps of repellant.

Boynoe is also a bloody hard place to fish, so its a 2 day mud crab thing and if you get fish its a bonus.

Could carry on about other places but hope that helps.


Trapper Tom.

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