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Baitrunner help


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Just picked up a new Shimano 4500B baitrunner. This is my first baitrunner reel. In the manual it states to switch the baitrunner ON when adjusting the tension on the baitrunner's freespool. At the store I purchased it from they said to never adjust the tension of the baitrunner's freespool when the baitrunner is activated, and that the manual is incorrect. Who is right?

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I think baitrunner reel has two drag systems. When you want to adjust the front drag, do not switch the baitrunner lever on; But when you want to adjust the baitrunner drag/rear drag of course you need to switch the baitrunner lever on.



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I emailed Shimano and this is the reply they gave me:

"The drag system in the baitrunners are set up in a way that allows them to be adjusted with baitrunner mode off as well as on. This will do no damage to your reel. But if you have it set to the on position you have an idea of how much drag the baitrunner mode is giving you."

Handy to know. Wierd thing was the tension knob would not move straight out of the box until it was set with the baitrunner in the OFF position.

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