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Cutting the Butt off my rod


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I'm just wondering if it is possible to cut some of the butt off one of my cheaper Diawa rods.The but has a cork grip but I am assuming it would have a plastic inner which would form part of the reel seat. Is this correct and would it be possible? What do people think?


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Hey Norto,

Quite possible to do this depends on how much you want to cut off, take into consideration why you are cutting the butt down as well is for the type of fishing or do you want a shorter rod is it a comfort thing, the reel winch will not be affected most likely and all the cork handle is attached to is the blank underneath. Pop a pic up and thta will help with the replys. In cutting it a vey fine hacksaw blade is the go say a 24 or 32 teeth per inch blabe this way you wont gouge the cork!

Best of luck

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