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My new flies


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G'day Raiders,

A friend of mine recently returned from a holiday in Ireland. Knowing I'm a keen fisho, he has gifted me with a selection of five hand tied flies that he bought in Galway. I love 'em and, although I've been a saltwater boy all my life, I've just got to give the freshwater a bash. I'm already thinking Thompson's Creek Dam in the near future.

Thing is, I've no idea what pattern these flies are based on as I've no previous experience with fly fishing, I was wondering if anyone can identify them. I would say that they are dry flies and they measure between 2 - 2.5cm.

Sorry I couldn't get any better angles, but any help would be appreciated.



post-22908-063409400 1342852415_thumb.jpg

post-22908-045483800 1342852422_thumb.jpg

post-22908-092493700 1342852430_thumb.jpg

post-22908-096997500 1342852438_thumb.jpg

post-22908-088928200 1342852446_thumb.jpg

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Hi Greynurse,

they all look like hackled wets apart from the second one used for sea trout and salmon swing them in the current on a river, fished in team loch syle or slow stripped back, lovely flies definately worth using on TCD on an intermediate line slow stripped in a team of two (normally three but thats against DPI regs) a foot apart. Would also be great on one of the bigger Snowies rivwers swung down and across early season.



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Thanks Royce,

I'll try and do them justice and report back in the future if I'm successful. I'm going to have to use them on a casting bubble rig on light spin gear, I'm afraid. I don't have a fly rod and reel. My mate didn't think about that when he bought them for me. If you knew my mate, that's typical of him. A great bloke nonetheless.


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id say the last one is a hopper with its knotted legs.. usually an easy way to know if they are wets or drys is by the stiffness of the hackles ( the spiky bit - feather wound around the hook near the eye) . if they are stiff could be a dry fly , wets usually have softer hackles so they move in the water.. stiffer hackles will hold up the fly in/on the surface film

dont worry too much.. plenty fish have been caught on sunken dry flies and floating wets

just my 2c worth

cheers and good luck !


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