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Fishing with young kids


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Hi Raiders, I took my two year old fishing for the first time today.

I found a great spot on Narrabeen lake at the end of Wimbledon Ave.

It is a good spot because there is a small pontoon and a park for the kids to use between fish.

The key is burly hard with bread and use a small (size 12) long shank hook, along with a small float. Just like you would use trying for potty mullet.

I would hook the fish and then call out to my little boy and he would come running over and reel it in (great team work) thumbup.gif

We landed a few undersized bream and a nice Blacky. All fish were released of course.

Good times! He had so much fun! (so did i!) Hope for many more trips in the future!

Anyway i thought i would post this just in case anyone is looking for a good spot to go fishing with young kids.


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