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Feeding a shark


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Yes Mouse, they are indeed like fighting a gumboot, bag of cement, wizbin fulla water lol the list goes on! Im sure you, jack and co. have seen more than your fair share.

Yes dogtooth agree not worth feeding a hook to, and to me looks only around 120kg? Heres a photo or two too!

post-13466-091747800 1343637974_thumb.jpgpost-13466-039512900 1343638035_thumb.jpgpost-13466-040061500 1343638077_thumb.jpg

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Not meaning to stir things dogtooth, but Id say she would top out at 120kg as well,,,blue sharks although super long in the water, dont carry any weight like most other sharks. Just checked some video of a 179kg we weighed many years ago and it would be half as big as that one again....not to say its not a nice shark..

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Nice fish. Beautiful water. It would have been good to see. Shame the ocean has been horrible since that day. I'm actually getting things done around the house and I don't like it at all.

As for size, it was a shark. Over 190kg, only 120kg? It wasn't weighed so who knows?

How long is a piece of string? No, because there are no bones in icecream.

I would say that the person on the boat would have a better idea than someone watching it on youtube but you'd have to ask a 1 armed fisherman how big it really was.

There is a story that years ago a woman beat the Blue Marlin world record only to have the fish drop over 100kg of squid on the weigh deck when it was lifted by the tail. Record gone. The point being that until it is actually on the scales there is no point arguing about it. Is there a record for the biggest shark you didn't catch? I didn't catch a big whale the other day.

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Was this blue near Browns? We were out a few days later and had the biggest blue any on board had seen biting the prop right on nightfall. What got all on board, with collective gamefishing experience of about a 100 years, was not just how long the blue was, but how thick it was. Two gun game fishos on board said they thought it was pregnant.

Then on way home a charter skipper was chatting and was pissed off a client had wanted to keep a smaller blue caugh that day. As they were gaffing it ("he wanted to take it to show off to some relos" tool) it pupped. They reckon more than 30 pups spilled out and swam off.

So wonder if the blue in the video is the same one we saw? _ can't be many that size swimming around _ and whether its thickness was also cause it was pregnant.

The gun game fishos on our boat were calling it at "maybe" more than 200 kilos. And they've seen a lot of blues over the years.

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