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Help needed on a few fishing spots


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Hey people,

There are a few spots I keen to have a go at over the next couple of weeks some I haven't fished in years one is new just looking for some info on each spot.

Abbotsford wharf- I haven't fished here for about 3 years. It was one of my favourite spots. Just wondering can you still fish off the whatf or do you get kicked off now? Also if I can't get a spot on the wharf dose the reserve next to it fish alright for jewfish if I get some live bait from around the wharf?

Blues point- haven't fished here for a very long time, same as Abbotsford just looking for information if you can still fish there.

Peir 2 - at mate at work was telling me of this spot. He said he hasn't fished it in a while and would not be surprised if it was banned from fishing so same question again. Also looking for a street name it is on because my mate can not remember.

All help is very appreciated

Type this on my iPhone so hopefully not to many spelling mistakes


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Abbotsford you can fish at both wharf and reserve but not at the wharf from 5am-10am applies to all ferry wharves im pretty sure. Never had any luck on jewwys at abbotsford however im sure you could probably get one and i think id use fresh squid rather than yakkas however both would work. This is due to the constant ferries coming in at night but they do stop at midnight i think. the only let down is the battle to have a full cast with the shelter in the way.

Pier 2 i reckon has really good potential for jewwys because its really deep there you can catch squid, yakkas and its in the middle of the harbour which gives you chance of pelagics etc.. Yeh im not sure if its been banned because i haven't seen a great deal of people down at the wharf love to know aswell


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All the spots you mentioned have jews.. There's nothing to say that you won't catch good fish there.. I believe that you CAN fish both Abbotsford and Pier 2 but can't guarantee. Over summer check out the roseville bridge area in middle harbour. Plenty of spots with access to deep water/channels and yes, you can get jewfish here. Got my PB (96cm) right near the bridge earlier this year. Its the sort of spot that you should chuck a livie or fresh big bait out for jews and fish for bream and flathead in close while you wait. Some thumping bream at times too! Once the water warms up, put in a few nighttime sessions and you might get lucky! Having a livie out at dusk smack bang on low tide is your best shot!

Cheers, Tom

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