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Stessl Angler Pro 4.35 meter


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Ive spent a bit of time in a tiller steer one with a 40hp honda

The ride is good and stability is great Two of us can cast lures off the front deck and the boat doesnt rock at all The casting deck is huge but the hatches open into the bare hull

It runs really well with the 40 honda and it is rated to a 60hp If I had the boat I would up it to a 60hp with side consul but thats me I will always go for max HP

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Hi Kel,

I was looking at this boat range recently and it was my first choice. I have heard good things about them as with other boats. I thought the pricing was reasonable compared to other manufacturers.

I was interested in the bandit pro because I liked the center console option. I had managed to cut what I thought was a pretty good deal and was ready to place the order. Unfortunately for the dealer I stumbled across a secondhand deal I just couldnt pass up.

Once I take some pics I will post about that in the members boats thread.

The local dealer has a few vids on youtube if you search anglapro if that helps.



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