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good blackfish weed


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Since you are in Rose bay you can try the drain that feeds into the bay behind the golf course on New South head road.Used to collect heaps many years ago before they started poisoning it in the drain.Let me know if there is any left these days.Weed location is a sensitive subject.We know were to get it but no one is willing to give up there locations.I have asked fellow fishraiders and most of the time you have to look around and work it out for yourself.Tidal drains are the first port of call followed by freshwater drains also.Grab the street directory and start exploring.The ocean rocks are good if you can get down there but not this weekend.

Cheers Steve

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Guest leisureman

I have been finding the weed i have been using could be too soft. Pickers seem to strip bait quickly. Looking for a tougher type weed to try!

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