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Brierley's boat ramp, Moruya River


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LOCATION: The ramp is at the North Head of the Moruya River, just after the intersection of Bruce Cameron Drive and George Bass Drive, before you get to the airport

CONDITION OF RAMP/ACCESS Nice 2 lane concrete ramp with parking and fish cleaning tables BUT ... once your boat is in the water there is nowhere to moor it or beach it. Other than on the ramp itself or on the rocks on either side. Might be OK at low tide as there is probably a bit of a beach then. So to use this ramp you need 2 people. One to drive the boat off, one to drive the car. And then there would be a bit of wading. There is a large sandbank between the ramp and the river but there appears to be a channel running east that connects up with the main channel.

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