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Live Bait Tank


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Hi Raiders,

Been thinking about doing this little project for a while now and finally decided to have a go over the weekend. I've used my 45ltr Esky and the components off my bait board.

post-23083-038816600 1344900949_thumb.jpg

post-23083-058215600 1344901050_thumb.jpg

The bait board support tubes have been placed through the esky to act as support while on the boat. The rear tube has been drilled through the existing esky wheel holes and sika flexed into place. The same 25mm tube will act as the inlet/supply pipe from the pump (yet to be installed)and also the drainage point when disconnected.. I have drilled several holes in the pipe and it tested with a really good, consistent flow.

The front tube, pentrating the esky serves no other purpose than support. I am still yet to fit the overflow at the top rear of the esky. All-in-all, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

I will add another post once I have it all plumbed in and in action.

Cheers RodB.

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Hi Rob

Took a moment to grasp what you were doing :wacko: but I have got it now. Very clever idea :thumbup:, be good to see a pic of it installed.

Cheers Blood Knot

Hi Blood Knot,

Thanks for the "thumbs up". Your right though... I should have put a few more photo's up, that would have made it a little clearer. It's setup in the garage off my bench and into Rod Holders, which is how it mounts at the rear of the boat.

post-23083-026693800 1344948332_thumb.jpg

post-23083-051879500 1344948419_thumb.jpg

I've had water in it for a full day now and the level hasn't dropped, so far, so good. It's still got a couple of holes to drill, but its almost there.

More photo's to follow.

Cheers Rod.

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Probably a bit late to comment on this post now but this is an excellent idea. Did it work?

I really like how the entire setup can be removed and added back to the boat with ease.......well it seems that way from what I can see anyway.

Great work, would love to hear some feedback.

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